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Blue Planet – Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets – 100 Tablets – SPECIAL ORDER $64.55


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Product Description: Introducing the Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets – your trusted solution for keeping your aquatic companions healthy and free from harmful parasites. These tablets are a must-have for any fish enthusiast looking to maintain the well-being of their aquatic friends.

Key Features:

  1. Effective Parasite Control: Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets are specially formulated to target and eliminate flukes and tapeworms, two of the most common parasites that can afflict fish. Keeping these parasites at bay helps ensure the overall health of your fish.
  2. Broad-Spectrum Treatment: These tablets are designed to provide a broad-spectrum treatment, making them suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish. Whether you have a community tank or a specialized marine setup, Blue Planet has got you covered.
  3. Easy to Administer: Each tablet is pre-measured for convenience, making dosing a breeze. Simply follow the instructions on the packaging to ensure you’re providing the right treatment for your fish. It’s a hassle-free solution for fish owners of all experience levels.
  4. Safe and Reliable: Blue Planet is a trusted brand in the aquarium industry, known for producing high-quality products. These tablets have been carefully formulated to ensure the safety of your fish and are gentle on your aquarium’s ecosystem.
  5. Multiple Tablet Sizes: Available in various tablet sizes to suit different tank volumes and fish species. Choose the appropriate size to match your specific needs.
  6. Regular Use: To maintain a healthy environment for your fish, use Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets as part of your routine aquarium maintenance. Preventative care can help keep your fish thriving.
  7. Pack Size Options: Blue Planet offers these tablets in a range of pack sizes, allowing you to purchase the quantity that best suits your requirements and budget.

Give your aquatic friends the care they deserve with Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets. Say goodbye to the worries of parasitic infestations and enjoy a cleaner, healthier aquarium. Order yours today and provide your fish with the protection they need to thrive.

Note: Always follow the instructions on the packaging for proper dosing and use. Consult with an aquarium specialist if you have any concerns about the health of your fish or need further advice on treatment.

Weight 100 kg


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