4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153


Cheeky Bird – Perch Mirror with Beads – 6402 $2.93 0.4 kg
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Cheeky Bird – Perch Mirror with Beads

Product Description: Give your feathered friend a captivating and enriching playtime experience with our Cheeky Bird Perch Mirror with Beads. This cleverly designed bird toy combines a reflective mirror with colorful beads, creating an interactive and visually stimulating accessory that’s sure to keep your pet bird entertained and mentally engaged.

Key Features:

  1. Interactive Play: The Cheeky Bird Perch Mirror with Beads is a versatile toy that offers both mental and physical stimulation for your pet bird. It’s perfect for birds that love to explore and interact with their environment.
  2. Reflective Mirror: The mirror’s surface allows your bird to admire themselves, fostering a sense of companionship and interaction. Many birds enjoy looking at their reflections, making this toy a delightful addition to their cage.
  3. Colorful Beads: The toy features a collection of vibrant beads that dangle from the mirror. These colorful elements provide visual stimulation and encourage your bird to explore and interact with different shapes and textures.
  4. Safe Materials: Crafted from non-toxic and bird-safe materials, this toy ensures your pet’s safety and well-being during playtime. You can trust in its quality and safety for your feathered companion.
  5. Secure Perch: The perch beneath the mirror provides a comfortable and secure spot for your bird to stand or sit while playing. It allows them to interact with the mirror and beads comfortably.
  6. Easy Hanging: Cheeky Bird Perch Mirror with Beads comes with a durable hanging cord, making it simple to attach to your bird’s cage or play area. It’s suitable for birds of all sizes and adaptable to various setups.
  7. Mental and Physical Exercise: This toy encourages both mental engagement and physical activity, helping to reduce boredom and stress. It’s a valuable addition to your bird’s enrichment and well-being.

Provide your pet bird with hours of entertainment, mental stimulation, and the joy of self-discovery with Cheeky Bird Perch Mirror with Beads. Watch them interact with their reflection and explore the colorful beads, staying active and engaged. Elevate your bird’s playtime experience today!

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