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4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153


KONG – Classic Red – King $17.58 0.6 kg
KONG – Classic Red – Extra Large $15.33 0.39 kg
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Description: Introducing the KONG Classic Red Dog Toy – the ultimate playtime companion for your furry friend! This iconic toy has been a favorite among dogs and their owners for generations, and for good reason. Built to withstand even the most vigorous play, the KONG Classic Red is a must-have addition to your dog’s toy collection.

Key Features:

  1. Durable Natural Rubber: Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic natural rubber, the KONG Classic Red is designed to endure the toughest chewers. Whether your pup loves to fetch, gnaw, or bounce, this toy is up for the challenge.
  2. Mental and Physical Stimulation: Keep your dog engaged and mentally stimulated. The KONG Classic Red can be filled with treats, peanut butter, or KONG Easy Treat (sold separately) to provide hours of entertainment as your dog works to release the tasty rewards.
  3. Versatile Play: This versatile toy is suitable for various play styles, from interactive fetch games to solo play. Its unpredictable bounce adds an element of excitement, ensuring your dog stays entertained.
  4. Promotes Dental Health: The unique shape and texture of the KONG Classic Red help clean your dog’s teeth and gums as they chew and play, promoting dental health and preventing tartar buildup.
  5. Recommended by Veterinarians and Trainers: Trusted by professionals, the KONG Classic Red is often recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers as an essential tool for behavioral training, anxiety relief, and overall canine well-being.
  6. Available in Multiple Sizes: Whether you have a tiny terrier or a giant Great Dane, the KONG Classic Red comes in various sizes to suit dogs of all breeds and sizes.
  7. Classic Red Color: The bright red color not only adds visual appeal but also makes it easy to spot in the grass or among your dog’s other toys.
  8. Easy to Clean: When playtime is over, simply wash the KONG Classic Red with warm, soapy water, and it’s ready for the next adventure.

Treat your four-legged friend to the time-tested KONG Classic Red Dog Toy, and watch as they enjoy hours of fun, exercise, and mental stimulation. Bring joy to your dog’s playtime and provide them with a durable, safe, and entertaining toy that will keep tails wagging and smiles on both your faces!

Order yours today and experience the joy of playtime with the KONG Classic Red Dog Toy – a beloved classic for a reason!

Weight 0.6 kg


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