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4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
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Pet Worx – 3 in 1 Set – Glass Aquariums – 29.5LT – 19.5LT – 10.5LT $90.88


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Product Description:

Introducing the Pet Worx 3-in-1 Set – Glass Aquariums, the ultimate solution for aquatic enthusiasts seeking a complete and hassle-free aquarium setup. This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to create a stunning underwater world for your finned friends. Dive into the details of this exceptional package:

  1. Three Glass Aquariums in One Set: This set includes not one, but three premium-quality glass aquariums, each with its own unique size and shape. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start with a smaller tank or an experienced aquarist seeking variety, Pet Worx has you covered.
  2. High-Quality Glass Construction: Crafted from thick, durable glass, these aquariums offer crystal-clear visibility and are built to withstand the test of time. The sturdy glass ensures a safe and secure environment for your aquatic pets.
  3. Versatile Sizes: With three different sizes (Small, Medium, and Large), you can house various species of fish, plants, or even create a thematic aquascape within a single kit. Customize each tank to suit your aquatic vision.
  4. Complete Starter Kit: Pet Worx goes the extra mile to simplify your aquarium setup. Each tank includes a high-efficiency filtration system, an LED lighting fixture for optimal illumination, and a heater to maintain the perfect water temperature.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Designed with user convenience in mind, the Pet Worx 3-in-1 Set features easy-to-access components for routine maintenance and cleaning. Keeping your aquariums in pristine condition has never been this straightforward.
  6. Endless Creativity: Let your imagination run wild with endless possibilities. Design unique underwater landscapes, create thriving ecosystems, or showcase your favorite fish breeds – the choice is yours.
  7. Ideal for All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a novice or an experienced aquarist, this 3-in-1 set caters to everyone. Beginners will appreciate the comprehensive starter kit, while experts will relish the opportunity to explore their creativity.
  8. Perfect Gift: The Pet Worx 3-in-1 Set makes an excellent gift for aquarium enthusiasts, students, or anyone looking to embark on a captivating aquatic journey.

Transform your living space into an aquatic oasis with the Pet Worx 3-in-1 Set – Glass Aquariums. Elevate your aquarium hobby and provide the best possible habitat for your aquatic companions. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal – order your set today and dive into a world of underwater wonder!

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Weight 10.5 kg


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