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Suitable for All puppies with its composition designed for vision, brain and gut health in early development.

Available in: 12 x 410g cans.

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Advance Puppy Growth Lamb and Rice Cans offer a premium, balanced diet specially formulated to support the unique nutritional needs of growing puppies. Made with high-quality lamb and rice, this delicious wet food ensures your puppy receives the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Key Benefits:

  1. Omega 3 DHA and Choline:
    • Supports healthy vision and brain development, ensuring your puppy grows up smart and alert.
  2. Fermentable Prebiotic Fibre:
    • Promotes healthy digestion and supports a balanced gut microbiome, crucial for nutrient absorption and overall health.
  3. Tempts Fussy Eaters:
    • Great taste guaranteed to appeal even to the most selective eaters, making mealtime enjoyable for your puppy.
  4. No Added Preservatives:
    • Only natural ingredients are used, ensuring your puppy gets wholesome, nutritious food without unnecessary additives.

Daily Feeding Guide:

  • For Puppies Predicted Adult Weight:
    • <5 kg: Up to 1 can/day
    • 5 kg: ½ – 1 can/day
    • 10 kg: 1 – 1 ⅔ cans/day
    • 25 kg: 2 – 3 cans/day
    • 50 kg: 2 ¾ – 5 ¼ cans/day

Note: 1 standard metric cup (250 ml) = 115 grams

Made in Australia:

  • Proudly Australian-made, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety.

Advance Puppy Growth Lamb and Rice Cans provide a balanced and complete diet tailored for the healthy growth and development of your puppy. With carefully selected ingredients and scientifically-backed nutrition, give your puppy the foundation they need to thrive and enjoy a happy, active life.


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