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3PK, 6PK

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Introducing the ADVANTIX Small Dog Green, the ideal solution for keeping tiny pups (weighing up to 4 kg) protected from pests. This potent, easy-to-apply topical treatment is designed specifically for small dogs and provides immediate, comprehensive protection against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and sandflies.

Each application of ADVANTIX offers a full month of coverage, ensuring your little companion remains safe from these common parasites. The formula not only kills fleas and ticks on contact—preventing painful bites—but also repels mosquitoes and sandflies, thus reducing the risk of disease transmission.

ADVANTIX is water-resistant, maintaining its effectiveness even after bathing or exposure to rain, making it perfect for small dogs with active lifestyles. The 3-pack offers a convenient three-month supply, ensuring your dog stays protected all season long.

Easy to use and requiring no prescription, ADVANTIX Small Dog Green is the go-to choice for effective parasite protection that small dog owners trust.


3 PK, 6 PK


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