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Blackmores: Paw – Coat, Skin + Nails – Multivitamin Chews – 300g

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PAW Coat, Skin + Nails™ Multivitamin Chews contain essential nutrients such as Biotin and Chia seeds to maintain healthy skin and coat.

Why use

PAW Coat, Skin + Nails™ Multivitamin tasty fish and chickpea based protein chews provide:

  • Biotin and Zinc for healthy skin, coat and nails
  • Chia seeds and flaxseeds (source of Omega 3 & 6) for a shiny coat
  • Additional vitamins and minerals to maintain everyday health

These chews help support healthy skin, a shiny coat and strong nails.

When to Use

  • Any dog with insufficient nutritional support to maintain a healthy skin & coat (e.g. deficient in key skin nutrients)
  • Dogs with dull and brittle coats
  • Dogs with weak and splitting nails
  • Dogs with dry / cracking paws
  • Dogs with flaky dry skin
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