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Blue Planet – Betta Shield – 50ml


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Product Description: Introducing the Blue Planet Betta Shield – The Ultimate Protection for Your Beloved Betta Fish!

Are you a proud Betta fish owner? Do you want to ensure the health and happiness of your aquatic friend? Look no further than the Blue Planet Betta Shield!

Key Features:

  1. Crystal Clear Visibility: Our Betta Shield is expertly designed with high-quality, ultra-clear acrylic to provide an unobstructed view of your Betta fish. Watch them swim, explore, and thrive in their beautiful underwater world.
  2. Safe and Secure: Crafted with precision, the Blue Planet Betta Shield guarantees the safety of your Betta fish. Its unique design prevents curious pets or unwanted hands from disturbing your aquatic companion.
  3. Stylish and Modern: Enhance the aesthetics of your Betta tank with our sleek and contemporary Betta Shield. Its minimalist design complements any home decor, making it a perfect addition to your aquarium setup.
  4. Easy Installation: Setting up the Blue Planet Betta Shield is a breeze! The package includes all the necessary mounting hardware and clear instructions, allowing you to install it quickly and effortlessly.
  5. Versatile Placement: Whether you have a glass or acrylic tank, our Betta Shield is adaptable and can be easily attached to the side or top of the aquarium, offering flexibility in positioning.
  6. Durable Construction: Built to last, this Betta Shield is made from premium materials that are resistant to wear, scratches, and water damage, ensuring its longevity.
  7. Enhanced Water Quality: The Betta Shield’s design allows for better water circulation and oxygenation, promoting a healthier environment for your Betta fish.

Give your Betta fish the best life possible with the Blue Planet Betta Shield. It’s more than just an accessory; it’s a guardian, a designer piece, and a must-have for any Betta enthusiast.

Package Includes:

  • Blue Planet Betta Shield
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Easy-to-Follow Installation Instructions

Upgrade your Betta’s habitat today with the Blue Planet Betta Shield and experience the joy of a happy, thriving Betta fish. Order now and ensure a safe and stylish environment for your aquatic companion!

Weight 50 kg


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