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Bravecto Plus for Cats is a specialized spot-on treatment designed for cats and kittens weighing between 1.2kg and 2.8kg. This unique formula offers comprehensive protection, targeting a range of parasites with a single application. It effectively guards against fleas, paralysis ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms, providing broad-spectrum coverage to keep your cat safe from these common threats.

The easy-to-use “Twist n Use” pipette ensures a hassle-free application, allowing you to treat your cat quickly and efficiently. Once applied, the treatment works continuously to combat parasites, offering ongoing protection and reducing the risk of reinfestation.

Bravecto Plus is an all-in-one solution, ideal for cat owners seeking a convenient and effective way to keep their cats healthy and parasite-free. It combines multiple treatments into a single dose, ensuring comprehensive protection with minimal effort.


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