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Bravecto Plus for Cats is designed for cats and kittens weighing between 6.25kg and 12.5kg, offering a unique spot-on treatment that provides extensive protection against a variety of harmful parasites. This all-in-one solution is crafted to combat fleas, paralysis ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms, ensuring your cat stays safe and healthy with just a single application.

Applying the treatment is simple and hassle-free, thanks to the “Twist n Use” pipette, allowing you to administer the dose without stress or mess. Once applied, the formula gets to work immediately, providing round-the-clock protection against parasites and reducing the risk of reinfestation.

The effectiveness of Bravecto Plus spans several months, minimizing the need for frequent reapplication and providing sustained peace of mind for pet owners. This comprehensive approach to parasite control makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a convenient and effective way to safeguard their cats against a wide range of health threats. The treatment’s long-lasting efficacy helps ensure your cat enjoys a healthier, more comfortable life, free from the discomfort and dangers associated with common parasites.


1 PK, 2 PK


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