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Hikari – Discus Bio-Gold – 80g


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Introducing the Hikari Discus Bio-Gold Fish Food, the ultimate choice for Discus fish enthusiasts who demand the very best in nutrition and growth support for their prized aquatic pets. Elevate your Discus fish’s health and vibrancy with this meticulously crafted formula that has become a staple in the aquarium hobby.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Ingredients: Hikari’s Discus Bio-Gold is formulated with a premium blend of carefully selected ingredients that mirror the natural diet of Discus fish, ensuring optimal nutrition for vibrant colors and healthy growth.
  2. Enhanced Coloration: This specialized formula contains natural color enhancers like astaxanthin and spirulina to bring out the stunning and vibrant hues of your Discus fish. Watch as their colors intensify over time.
  3. Easy-to-Digest Pellets: The micro-coating on each pellet ensures easy digestion, reducing the risk of bloating and maintaining water quality in your aquarium. This feature makes it suitable for both juvenile and adult Discus fish.
  4. Immune System Support: Discus Bio-Gold includes a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and immune-boosting ingredients to help your fish resist diseases and stay in peak condition.
  5. Floating Pellets: These floating pellets remain on the water’s surface for an extended period, allowing you to observe your Discus fish as they feed and preventing food from sinking to the bottom and going uneaten.
  6. Proven Results: Trusted by professional breeders and hobbyists alike, Hikari has a proven track record of delivering superior results in Discus fish health and appearance.
  7. Packaging Options: Discus Bio-Gold is available in various package sizes to suit your needs, from small containers for hobbyists to bulk options for breeders.

Elevate your Discus fish’s diet to new heights with Hikari Discus Bio-Gold Fish Food. Whether you’re a seasoned Discus enthusiast or just starting, this premium nutrition option is designed to support your fish’s overall health and help them thrive in their aquatic environment.

Order today and treat your Discus fish to the best in nutrition, color enhancement, and vitality with Hikari Discus Bio-Gold Fish Food. Your Discus fish will thank you with their stunning beauty and optimal health!


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