4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
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Kitter – Wood Pet Litter – 15kg 15.21 kg
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Elevate your pet’s comfort and hygiene with Kitter Wood Pet Litter, a natural and eco-friendly solution for pet owners who care about their furry companions and the environment. This premium wood-based pet litter is thoughtfully crafted to provide superior odor control, easy maintenance, and a cozy experience for your pets.

Key Features:

  1. Natural Wood Blend: Kitter Wood Pet Litter is made from a blend of sustainably sourced, natural wood fibers. It’s free from artificial additives and chemicals, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your pets.
  2. Superior Odor Control: Wood naturally absorbs and locks in odors, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean. Say goodbye to unpleasant pet odors and enjoy a more inviting living space.
  3. High Absorbency: This wood-based litter boasts exceptional absorbency, quickly capturing moisture and forming firm clumps that are easy to scoop. It effectively reduces mess and simplifies litter box maintenance.
  4. Low Dust Formula: Our low dust formula ensures a cleaner and healthier environment for both your pets and you. It minimizes the inhalation of dust particles, making it an excellent choice for pets and pet owners with respiratory sensitivities.
  5. Gentle on Paws: Kitter Wood Pet Litter offers a comfortable and soft surface for your pet’s paws. It’s a gentle choice for cats and small animals, ensuring they feel at ease in their litter box.
  6. Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly: Unlike traditional clay litters that can harm the environment, our wood-based litter is biodegradable and compostable. You can dispose of it responsibly, knowing you’re making an eco-friendly choice.
  7. Versatile Use: While perfect for cats, Kitter Wood Pet Litter is also suitable for other small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. Its versatility makes it a smart choice for multi-pet households.
  8. Convenient Packaging: Available in a variety of bag sizes, you can choose the right amount for your needs. The sturdy packaging ensures freshness and easy storage.

Invest in your pet’s well-being and make an eco-conscious choice with Kitter Wood Pet Litter. Create a cleaner, more comfortable, and sustainable environment for your beloved pets while minimizing your ecological footprint. Experience the difference in pet litter quality by adding Kitter Wood Pet Litter to your cart today.

Weight 15.21 kg


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