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Peckish – Rat & Mouse Menu – 1.5kg


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Product Description:

Discover the perfect blend of nutrition and taste with Peckish Rat & Mouse Menu – the ultimate choice for providing your beloved small rodents with a diet that supports their health and keeps them happily nibbling. Whether you have pet rats, mice, or both, our thoughtfully formulated menu is designed to meet their specific dietary needs and satisfy their palate.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Nutrition: Peckish Rat & Mouse Menu offers a well-rounded diet that ensures your pets receive all the essential nutrients they need. From protein to vitamins and minerals, we’ve got their nutritional needs covered.
  2. High-Quality Ingredients: We take pride in using only premium ingredients to create our menu. Every morsel is carefully crafted with a mix of wholesome grains, seeds, and other natural components to support your pets’ well-being.
  3. Varied Textures: Our menu includes a variety of textures, from crunchy to chewy, to encourage natural foraging and promote dental health. Keep your rodents entertained and engaged during mealtime.
  4. No Artificial Additives: Peckish Rat & Mouse Menu is free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. You can feel confident that your pets are enjoying a diet that’s as natural as it is nutritious.
  5. Tailored to Their Tastes: Rats and mice are known for their discerning palates. Peckish Menu is designed to be irresistibly delicious, ensuring that your pets eagerly anticipate their meals.
  6. Ideal for Mixed Housing: If you have both rats and mice sharing the same living space, our menu is suitable for both species, simplifying mealtime for you.
  7. Resealable Packaging: Our packaging is designed to keep the menu fresh and prevent moisture from compromising the quality. The resealable bag ensures long-lasting flavor and aroma.

Peckish Rat & Mouse Menu is suitable for rats and mice of all ages, making it a convenient choice for households with a mix of young and adult rodents.

Ensure your tiny companions receive the best in nutrition and taste with Peckish Rat & Mouse Menu. Watch them thrive with energy and vitality, all while enjoying the delicious flavors they crave. Order now and see the difference that premium nutrition can make in your pets’ lives.

Make Peckish your go-to choice for premium pet food, and let your rats and mice experience the joy of wholesome eating every day. Trust in Peckish to provide your rodents with the balanced diet they deserve.

Weight 1.6 kg


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