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Peckish – Small Animal Treats – Dental – 150G 0.160 kg


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Give your small pets a reason to smile with Peckish Dental Small Animal Treats – the secret to healthy teeth and happy critters!

Product Highlights:

  1. Dental Health Champion: Peckish Dental Small Animal Treats are specially designed to support your pet’s dental hygiene. These treats help to reduce plaque and tartar buildup, ensuring strong teeth and gums.
  2. Irresistibly Crunchy: The satisfying crunch of these treats not only entertains your furry friends but also helps to naturally wear down their teeth, preventing overgrowth and dental issues.
  3. Wholesome Ingredients: Crafted with care, these treats are made from high-quality, natural ingredients that are safe and nutritious for small animals. No artificial additives or preservatives!
  4. Variety of Flavors: Your pets will never get bored with our assortment of delicious flavors. From carrot to apple, our Dental Small Animal Treats offer a range of tastes to please even the pickiest eaters.
  5. Suitable for All Small Animals: Whether you have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, or other small pets, these treats are suitable for all. They are carefully formulated to meet the dietary needs of various small animals.
  6. Promotes Mental Stimulation: Treat time is not just about satisfying cravings; it’s also an opportunity for mental stimulation. These treats encourage natural foraging behaviors and keep your pets engaged.
  7. Resealable Bag: Our packaging is designed with your convenience in mind. The resealable bag ensures that the treats remain fresh and flavorful, extending the joy for both you and your pets.

With Peckish Dental Small Animal Treats, you can provide your beloved pets with a tasty, tooth-friendly snack that promotes their overall well-being. Watch them enjoy every bite while taking care of their dental health. Treat your small animals to a smile-filled day, one crunch at a time!

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