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Peckish – Small Bird Treats – Natural Greens – 200g


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Product Description: Give your small feathered friends a taste of nature’s goodness with Peckish Small Bird Treats – Natural Greens. These specially crafted treats are designed for small bird species like finches, canaries, and budgerigars, offering a delightful blend of natural greens and wholesome ingredients. Treat your small birds to a nutritious and irresistible snack that will have them chirping with joy.

Key Features:

  1. Wholesome Greens: Peckish Small Bird Treats – Natural Greens are made with a variety of nutritious greens, including spinach, kale, and parsley, providing a natural and flavorful snack.
  2. Complete and Balanced: These treats are thoughtfully formulated to complement your small birds’ daily diet, offering essential vitamins and minerals to support their overall well-being.
  3. Promotes Natural Foraging: The texture and taste of natural greens encourage natural foraging behaviors, keeping your small birds mentally stimulated and entertained.
  4. Bonding Opportunity: Treats are a wonderful way to bond with your small birds, strengthening your relationship and building trust.
  5. Convenient and Mess-Free: These treats are easy to handle and mess-free, making them a convenient addition to your small birds’ daily routine.
  6. Versatile Usage: Peckish Small Bird Treats – Natural Greens can be offered as a rewarding snack or used as a training aid, ensuring your small birds enjoy their daily dose of deliciousness.
  7. Trusted Brand: Peckish is a respected name in avian nutrition, known for its commitment to quality and the well-being of pets.

Nourish your small birds with the wholesome goodness of Peckish Small Bird Treats – Natural Greens. These treats offer a flavorful and nutritious way to show your love and care for your feathered companions. Watch your small birds chirp with delight as they savor the natural green goodness. Make their day special with Peckish Small Bird Treats – Natural Greens today!

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