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Petgood – Dental Sticks – Insect Protein – 7 Sticks
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Enriched with nutritious Australian insect protein and active ingredients that promote oral health and dental hygiene:

  • Vitamin C for improved gum health
  • Australian Kelp to reduce plaque build-up
  • Parsley and Mint to freshen the breath
  • Sodium Hexametaphosphate to reduce tartar formation
  • Zinc for oral bacteria inhibition

Contains vegetable fibers for a brush effect in the oral cavity; as well as a unique star shape to promote active chewing.

Low in calories; suitable for individuals sensitive to fat.

Single (animal) protein source product, suitable for individuals with dietary sensitivities.

Ingredients: Potato, Humectants, Insect Meal Protein (from Black Soldier Fly Larvae Hermetia illucens), Vegetable Derivatives, Soy, Kelp, Food Acids, Linseed, Salt, Sodium Hexametaphosphate, Parsely, Mint, Vitamin C, Natural Antioxidant, Zinc Sulphate.

Weight 250 kg


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