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Probird – Calcium & Charcoal Bells – Box 12


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Product Description: Support your pet bird’s well-being and keep them engaged with Probird Calcium & Charcoal Bells. This box contains 12 specially crafted bells that are designed to provide essential calcium while also offering a stimulating and entertaining experience for your feathered friend. Hang these bells in your bird’s cage and watch them enjoy both the physical and mental benefits they offer.

Key Features:

  1. Calcium-Rich: Probird Calcium & Charcoal Bells are enriched with calcium, which is crucial for maintaining strong beaks and healthy bones in birds.
  2. Charcoal for Digestion: The addition of charcoal in these bells aids in digestion by helping to absorb toxins and gases in your bird’s stomach.
  3. Stimulating Activity: Birds love to chew and explore, and these bells provide them with a satisfying and safe outlet for these natural behaviors.
  4. Hanging Entertainment: Hang the bells from your bird’s cage bars using the attached metal hooks, creating an engaging playtime activity.
  5. Promotes Beak Health: Chewing on the bells helps keep your bird’s beak naturally trimmed and prevents overgrowth.
  6. Colorful Design: The bright and attractive colors of the bells are visually stimulating for your bird, encouraging play and interaction.
  7. Variety Pack: With 12 bells in one box, you’ll have a steady supply to keep your bird engaged and healthy.
  8. Trusted Brand: Probird is a respected name in pet accessories, known for its commitment to quality and pet well-being.

Support your bird’s physical and mental health with Probird Calcium & Charcoal Bells. These engaging and nutritious toys provide a fun way for your feathered companion to meet their calcium needs while also promoting active play. Keep your bird happy and healthy with Probird Calcium & Charcoal Bells – Box of 12 today!


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