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Prodac – Turtle – Calcium Block – 15gm


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Elevate the well-being of your aquatic friend with the Prodac Turtle Calcium Block – an essential addition to your turtle’s habitat. Specially formulated to provide the necessary calcium supplementation, this calcium block ensures your turtle enjoys a healthy and happy life.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Calcium Supply: Prodac Turtle Calcium Block is designed to meet the calcium needs of your pet turtle. Calcium is essential for maintaining strong shells and bones, promoting overall growth and health.
  2. Turtle-Friendly Formula: Crafted with care, this calcium block is turtle-friendly and won’t harm your aquatic companion. It’s a safe and effective way to support their health.
  3. Long-lasting: The Prodac Turtle Calcium Block is built to last, offering consistent calcium release over an extended period. This means fewer replacements and more convenience for you.
  4. Easy to Use: Simply place the calcium block in your turtle’s habitat. It will slowly dissolve over time, providing a continuous source of calcium. This hassle-free solution ensures your turtle gets the nutrients it needs without any effort on your part.
  5. Promotes Shell Health: Regular use of this calcium block can help prevent shell softening and deformities, which are common issues in turtles lacking sufficient calcium intake.
  6. Suitable for All Turtle Species: Whether you have a Red-Eared Slider, Painted Turtle, or any other turtle species, this calcium block is suitable for all, ensuring they receive the essential calcium their bodies require.
  7. Versatile Use: Apart from turtles, this calcium block can also benefit other reptiles and amphibians that require calcium supplementation in their diet.

Give your turtle the care it deserves with the Prodac Turtle Calcium Block. Ensure their shells stay strong, their bones stay healthy, and their overall well-being remains at its peak. Make this calcium block a part of your reptile’s habitat today!

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