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Snooza – Doo Doo Good Eco Bags – 12 Rolls of 15 Bags 0.49 kg
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Product Description:

Introducing Snooza’s “Doo Doo Good Eco Bags” – the eco-friendly solution to your pet’s waste management needs. These bags are designed with both your furry friend and the planet in mind, offering a convenient and sustainable way to clean up after your pet.

Key Features:

  1. Earth-Friendly Material: Our Doo Doo Good Eco Bags are crafted from biodegradable and compostable materials, ensuring that you’re not just picking up your pet’s waste, but also contributing to a cleaner environment.
  2. Strong and Reliable: These bags are built to handle the messiest of situations. With their sturdy construction, you can trust that they won’t tear or leak, providing you with a reliable solution for your daily walks.
  3. Easy to Use: The bags are conveniently sized and come with easy-to-tear perforations, making it effortless to grab a bag and clean up quickly. The dispenser-style packaging ensures you can access a bag with just one hand.
  4. Unscented: We understand that not everyone appreciates artificial fragrances. That’s why our Eco Bags are unscented, keeping the focus on cleanliness without unnecessary odors.
  5. Wide Compatibility: Whether you have a small pup or a large breed, these bags are designed to accommodate all sizes of pet waste.
  6. Multi-Purpose: While perfect for pet waste, these eco bags can also be used for other disposal needs, such as wrapping up dirty diapers, disposing of used sanitary products, or even for collecting litter during outdoor activities.
  7. Environmentally Responsible: Snooza is committed to reducing the carbon pawprint. By choosing our Doo Doo Good Eco Bags, you’re taking a step towards a greener future.
  8. Pack Size: Each box contains [insert quantity] of eco bags, ensuring you have an ample supply for all your pet cleanup needs.

Join the movement to keep our parks, streets, and trails clean while ensuring the well-being of your pets. Snooza’s Doo Doo Good Eco Bags offer an eco-conscious way to take care of your pet and the planet simultaneously. Add them to your cart today and make a sustainable choice for cleaner communities and a happier, healthier Earth.

Weight 0.49 kg

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