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Snooza Wear – Puffer Sport – Green – Extra Large 0.4 kg
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Product Description:

Elevate your pet’s style and keep them snug and cozy during chilly outdoor adventures with the Snooza Wear Puffer Sport in vibrant “Green.” This sporty and chic pet coat is designed to provide your furry companion with warmth, comfort, and a dash of eye-catching flair.

Key Features:

  1. Sporty Cold-Weather Comfort: The Snooza Wear Puffer Sport is engineered to keep your pet warm and comfortable during outdoor activities in colder weather.
  2. Wind-Resistant Exterior: Designed to protect your pet from chilly gusts, the coat’s exterior is wind-resistant, making it ideal for brisk days outdoors.
  3. Insulated for Optimal Warmth: The puffer-style design is thoughtfully insulated, trapping heat and ensuring your pet stays cozy even in freezing temperatures.
  4. Adjustable Straps: Achieve a perfect fit with adjustable straps and fastenings, allowing the coat to conform to your pet’s unique body shape.
  5. Vibrant Green Styling: The bold “Green” color adds a pop of vibrancy to your pet’s look, ensuring they stand out with style during every outdoor adventure.
  6. Reflective Accents: Safety is paramount. The coat features reflective accents that enhance visibility during nighttime outings, keeping your pet safe in low-light conditions.
  7. Easy to Put On and Take Off: Designed for your convenience, the coat is equipped with user-friendly fasteners for hassle-free dressing and removal.
  8. Machine Washable: Cleaning up is a breeze. Simply toss the coat in the washing machine to keep it fresh and clean for your pet’s next outing.

Combine performance and style with the Snooza Wear Puffer Sport in “Green.” This coat not only shields your pet from the elements but also adds a touch of fashion-forward charm to their outdoor adventures. Upgrade your pet’s cold-weather wardrobe with this sporty and stylish coat. Add it to your cart today and provide your furry friend with the perfect blend of warmth, comfort, and fashion for all their exciting escapades.

Weight 0.4 kg

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