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Wombaroo – Rabbit Milk Replacer

180mg – 1kg


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Product Description:

Introducing the Wombaroo Milk Replacement for Rabbits – the ultimate solution for nurturing and caring for young and orphaned rabbit kits. This specialized formula has been meticulously crafted to provide the essential nutrition your furry friends need during their critical early stages of life.

Key Features:

  1. Premium Nutrition: Wombaroo Milk Replacement is formulated to mimic the natural milk composition of mother rabbits, ensuring that your baby bunnies receive all the vital nutrients they require for healthy growth and development.
  2. Easy Digestion: This milk replacement is designed to be gentle on delicate rabbit digestive systems, reducing the risk of upset stomachs and ensuring optimal nutrient absorption.
  3. Versatile Usage: Whether you’re caring for orphaned kits or simply supplementing the diet of a nursing mother rabbit, Wombaroo Milk Replacement is a versatile solution suitable for a wide range of applications.
  4. Essential Vitamins and Minerals: Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, this formula supports strong bone development, a robust immune system, and overall vitality in growing rabbits.
  5. Convenient Packaging: Available in an easy-to-use resealable pouch, the Wombaroo Milk Replacement is a convenient and mess-free option for busy rabbit caretakers.
  6. Trusted Brand: Wombaroo is a trusted name in animal nutrition, with a long history of providing high-quality products that meet the unique dietary needs of various animals.
  7. Expertly Formulated: Developed by a team of animal nutritionists and experts, this milk replacement is backed by years of research and refinement to ensure it meets the strict dietary requirements of rabbits.

Give your baby rabbits the best start in life with Wombaroo Milk Replacement. Whether you’re a seasoned breeder or a caring pet owner, this product is your go-to choice for raising healthy, happy bunnies. Ensure they receive the nourishment they deserve, and watch as they thrive and flourish in your care.

Order your Wombaroo Milk Replacement for Rabbits today and provide your fluffy companions with the love and nutrition they need to reach their full potential. Your rabbits will thank you with boundless energy, vibrant health, and a lifetime of companionship.

Weight 1 kg

180mg, 1kg


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