4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
4.05,5 Celebration Drive, Bella Vista NSW 2153
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PP Kennel – Pet Transporter – L62 x W41 x H45cms
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PP Kennel pet transporters are manufactured in Australia by a small family business based in Melbourne.  They have been making dog and cat carriers since the early 1990’s.  The use of high quality plastics and other materials ensures the durability and safety of their products.   The PP Kennel design meets all of the specifications for airline approval and has been specifically assessed and approved by Qantas for use on all Qantas group aircraft and aligned airline partners.

PP Kennel provides the ultimate in safety and comfort when transporting your pet, whether to the local vet, or long-haul overseas.  In addition to meeting I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association) specifications, PP Kennels have the following features:

Handles on the top of the pet carrier are contoured for comfort and larger sized dog crates incorporate two handles for ease of lifting.  Additionally, contoured lips on the base of the dog crate allow finger space so that larger crates with heavy animals can be lifted comfortably.

The screws that secure the lid of the pet crate to the base are steel with plastic finger knobs enabling the crate to be assembled securely and without tools.

The base and lid of the pet carrier both have built-in ledges to ensure that the crate door cannot be forced inwards.

Some airlines insist that the lid and base of the pet carrier are additionally secured to each other with cable ties.  The PP Kennel pet transporter has holes for this purpose on each corner.  Cable tie holes are also provided to secure the door, if an airline requirement.

Included with each PP Kennel dog and cat carrier is a clip-on water bowl that clips securely to the wire door.  To enable the water bowl to be refilled during transit without opening the door, a clip-on funnel is also included.


PP10 2.5 kg L 49 x W 33 x H 33
PP20 3.0 kg L 53 x W 37 x H 37
PP30 4.4 kg L 62 x W 41 x H 45
PP40 5.0 kg L 73 x W 45 x H 53
PP50 7.0 kg L 82 x W 56 x H 60
PP60 9.2 kg L 93 x W 61 x H 73
PP60N 9.2 kg L 99 x W 61 x H 68
PP70 13.0 kg L 115 x W 66 x H 80
PP80L 15.0 kg L 115 x W 66 x H 85
PP80H 18.0 kg L 115 x W 66 x H 90
Weight 19.99 kg


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